10 Best Apps for Events in 2023

Growing smartphone technology has directly influenced the increasing popularity of mobile apps. Apps have become a fundamental part of any successful event. The best apps for events are well-regarded for planning, delivering, and executing a successful event regardless of the event type. Unlike paper-based or browser-based programs, mobile event apps are modern, secure, scalable, and customizable platforms that offer unique features to event organizers.

The leading event management platforms are already pushing their boundaries with mobile event apps. Mobile event apps in the event management industry have become the ground for creative event planners. In fact, ninety-one percent of event planners have seen a positive return on investment by using mobile event apps for their events. Not only this, but thirty-seven percent of event planners believe that it is necessary to have an event mobile app.

Best Apps For Events That will Rule in 2023

 1. vFairs Mobile App

vFairs mobile event app is the ultimate compliment for your virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. vFairs is a well-acknowledged industry name that continually outperforms itself in all event organizing and managing aspects. vFairs as a platform has earned significant recognition as one of the first virtual platforms available for planning and executing successful events. Continuing its legacy to connect people worldwide through successful events, vFairs launched its mobile event app.

vFairs mobile event app is dedicated to putting innovative ways to connect people into action. vFairs mobile event app has already become the crux of successful events. The app promises to drive engagement and keep the audience hooked on the possibilities for a longer time. The all-in-one mobile application has widely-ranging event features which makes it one of the best apps for events in 2022.

Features of vFairs Mobile App

vFairs offers one of the best apps for events. The wide-ranging features make the vFairs mobile event app the go-to place for all event planners.

Easy Check-In

With so much change in the world in the last two years, it was inevitable that the vFairs mobile event app would keep up with the industry trends for providing clients with a better onsite experience. Therefore, the vFairs mobile event app introduces contactless digital check-in at the event venue for its customers. The contactless digital check-in feature is for attendees participating in in-person live events.

Innovative Lead Capture and Networking Features

The biggest reason for people joining virtual events is networking, after educational purposes. Keeping this in mind, vFairs, one of the best apps for events, offers unique lead-capturing and networking opportunities to event attendees. The feature in the app lets attendees exchange contact information and share profiles through QR code. The feature facilitates attendees in simply capturing each other’s information, eventually making networking easier.

Therefore, if you aim to provide attendees with the networking opportunities they came for, choosing the vFairs mobile app as your go-to solution for every event is better. You will keep the attendee happy with high networking opportunities. Moreover, companies collaborating in your event for lead generation will also find your event a success.

Image shows networking feature, QR code, by vFairs mobile app

Touchless/Digital Content

After all that happened in the past two years, it is safe to say that attendees’ priorities have become more apparent. These days, regardless of the global health situation, attendees want to become part of an event that offers a safe and secure environment.

The feature includes the restriction on unnecessary physical contact. With vFairs mobile app touchless content, you not only limit unnecessary touching, but your attendees do not have to carry heavy brochures from each exhibition booth. The feature helps attendees quickly consume the content through a digital briefcase, and keep it for review anytime they wish.

Moreover, the Go Green & Global is another addition to promote touchless/digital content by vFairs mobile app. The initiative is one of the most prominent aspects of making the vFairs mobile app for your next event. With the vFairs mobile app, you can ensure the event is hundred percent paper free.

Your attendee does not have to carry heavy brochures from each exhibition stand at a live event. Instead, they can easily catch the resources from the app itself. On the other hand, apart from contributing to the go green campaign, you will also save a lot of money and time spent on printed collateral.Image shows touchless/digital content feature by vFairs mobile app

On-Time Reports and Analytics

Suppose you have booked a mobile event app for managing your event. In that case, you look forward to reports and analyses that help you understand how the event performed. Well, via the vFairs mobile event app, you can measure the performance of your event and get detailed reports and analytics. These reports can help you make good improvements for the success of your future events and event marketing.

Watch Webinars On-The-Go

If you are wondering whether webinars are still effective, here is the result of extensive research. A study shows that eighty-three percent of marketers in the United States find webinars compelling. However, even with such high demand, webinars are often subjected to being tedious and time-consuming. It is mainly because event planners do not leverage the best apps for events to make webinars as exciting and engaging as virtual events.

Nevertheless, the vFairs mobile event app is the perfect solution for you to make your next webinar worth hosting. vFairs offers multiple features, including webinar on-the-go helps attendees in taking full advantage of live webinars. If your attendee has missed a live session or want to revisit the presentations at the webinar then webinar-on-the-go feature can help them catch sessions that could not attend live.

vFairs mobile app makes it easier for the attendees to not miss any information from the session by helping them build a personalized plan. The plan can divide the sessions by track and add them to the attendee’s calendar.

Easy Event Navigation and User-friendly Interface

Technology has brought great wonders for event planners. However, sometimes the complex use of technology can throw attendees off the bat and make the event a disaster for the organizers. Therefore, when you are planning to bring a mobile event app on board for your event, you must ensure that the app offers simplified navigation and a user-friendly interface.

vFairs mobile app has it all. The app offers seamless navigation. vFairs offers the floor map feature that helps attendees in figuring out where they want to move next in a virtual event. The floormap feature outlines stages, booths and other areas of interest so that it is convenient for attendees to navigate with-in the app.

Moreover, a user-friendly interface of the mobile app limits the learning curve for attendees and helps them dive straight into the action. It is also worth appreciating the vFairs mobile app lets event managers create customizable navigation menus. It means that you can choose the menu structure that best suits your event and that you believe can make your event more interesting for the attendees.

Use-case Specific Features

With use-case-specific features of the vFairs mobile app, the host can advertise job vacancies and receive applications. They can also set up automated certificates for attendees based on their participation. Event organizers can encourage attendees to explore the event and gain points with the leaderboard. Attendees can also interact with spaces onsite via a QR-based scavenger hunt.

Advanced Security Features

The best apps for events are the ones that offer additional security for your attendees personal information. Keeping attendee’s privacy as the top most concerned is what makes vFairs one of the best apps for events. Within the vFairs mobile app, safety of your attendee, exhibitors, or your company is the last thing you should be worried about.

The app enables SSO (single sign-on) that lets your attendees set up a traditional email and password. The credential they see will allow them to generate an OTP to access the event. You can also set up two-factor authentication for your event. It will add a security layer to your event while ensuring only relevant attendees can access your event.

vFairs Mobile App Pricing

It is certain that when you have decided to make a mobile event app part of your corporate event, you will focus on the pricing. vFairs has so much to offer its customers with its comprehensive ranging features, so how well does it perform in the pricing aspect?

Fortunately, vFairs makes sure your pricing is based only on what you need out of your mobile event app. For the vFairs mobile app, you can receive a customized quote for your event. You can also leverage the free personalized demo of all the app’s features. You can also gain access to shareable product presentations, industry-specific testimonials, and references.

Moreover, unlike other apps for events, the vFairs mobile app does not put a limit on the attendee count. You can register as many attendees as you want for your event.

vFairs Reviews From G2

Here is what customers have to say about vFairs:

Testimonial reading: “Our organization has worked with vFairs on two large virtual events. Both involved thousands of attendees, nearly 100 exhibitor booths and other features such as the scavenger hunt and leaderboard.”

Testimonial reading: “I loved the fact that vFairs created an environment that was like an in-person event. Being able to create a lobby, auditorium, help desk, etc was so impactful. The animated characters also made it seem as if we were living in person! Being able to create things in the backend was seamless.”

2. CrowdCompass

CrowdCompass is another leading mobile event app in the growing event management industry. Per their marketing, the mobile app is best for conferences, meetings, and events ranging from an attendee count of 50 to 50,000. The event management industry has set up its mobile event app for event planners or organizations that want to hold one or more annual events.

CrowdCompass Mobile App Features

The CrowdCompass app is one of the popular apps for events out there. Even though the app does not offer a wide range of features compared to the vFairs mobile event app, it still carries parts to keep the audience engaged and connected. What we found shocking is that even after claiming to be an one-stop mobile application solution, CrowdCompass is running as a web-based solution for Windows and Google phones. While this discovery can throw alot of customers into a bubble of speculations on whether to use the app for their events, here are some features from CrowdCompass to help you decide.

Event Guide

With the CrowdCompass mobile event app, you can showcase your content and make sure it is easily shareable among your attendees. Dynamic Event Guide provides attendees with a connection through sharing content before, during, and after the event. This feature can be used to showcase parts of your content dynamically during a multi-day event.


Keeping the top reason attendees attend an event in mind, CrowdCompass offers features to find and communicate attendees with like-minded people. The in-app messaging feature, contact exchange and to be able to schedule appointments with exhibitors and sponsors is the app’s way to help attendees leverage networking tools.

1:1 Messaging

Within the app, your attendees can quickly introduce themselves. CrowdCompass saves the conversation happening in the event so that it is easier for the attendee to search, manage and retrieve the dialogue between them.


The security features with-in the app includes SSO, password protection for events, permission for attendees to set their profiles private, and invite-only feature for events.

CrowdCompass Mobile App Pricing

CrowdCompass does not offer pricing materials for the public to access. To know the software provider’s pricing and policies, contact them for more information.

However, as per the pricing insights by G2 based on user reviews, CrowdCompass is forty-two percent more expensive than the average mobile event apps products for small business owners. Moreover, twenty-six of mid-marketers and thirty-one percent of enterprise event planners believe the app is more expensive than the average mobile event app.

Pros & Cons

Even though CrowdCompass is becoming a popular name among the best apps for events lists, it still has a long way to go to make it at the top of the list.

Customers have put their concerns and reviews on G2, have a look:


“The best thing about the app is the easy tie-in to Cvent for pulling session, attendee, and other data. After it is set up, the app is pretty much hands off. It is also easy to use for both the app manager, but also the attendees.” – Verified User


“Right now my biggest dislike is on the Cvent side, because I wish the booth information for our vendors would sync like the other data, but it’s easy to import, so not a huge deal.” –Verified User

“Going through Attendee Hub can be cumbersome when teaching attendees how to download the app; it’s not difficult by any means, but adds a slight level of complexity. It would be great to have additional features within the app for gamification.” – Bouran Q.

“If you have to move a guest from one session to another it is a bit time consuming as you have to upload the file. Some guests seem to have issues with the download, but I think that is usually user erorr.” – Heather C.

3. Webex Events (Formerly Socio) Mobile App

Webex Events, formerly known as Socio, is another mobile event app that helps empower virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. The end-to-end management platform supports multi-track events.

The app lets you customize virtual events, live and on-demanding streaming, registration, ticketing, and interactive attendee networking. Also, for an in-person solution, the platform offers onsite check-in, lead retrieval, badge printing, and live display.

WebEx Events Mobile App Features

There is no denying the fact that an event app improves the attendee experience and drives better event ROI. The official website of WebEx seconds us with the same claim. However, we are yet to witness whether the features offered by the mobile event app can deliver the results it believes in. Have a look at the mobile event app features.

Choose a Standard or Branded App

Webex Events app offers its customers the option to access both virtual experience and everyday event app experiences. You can add a branded event app for a fully customized experience or opt for a common app for your event. With a branded event app you can choose to create your own native iOS or Android app to showcase your event’s branding. It is important to remember that functionality of both the mobile app types are the same.

Live to Stream

With the on-the-go viewing features, attendees can access professional live video streaming on their devices. Moreover, organizers can upload pre-recorded content, which is useful for semi-live sessions.


WebEx Events mobile too offers 1:1 video meetings, shake & connect, and permission-based networking features to keep the attendees connected. Moreover, the app provides advanced engagement features like session chat, polling, video rooms, and moderated Q&A sessions.

Sponsorship Tools

Tools like gamification, banner ads, video room, push notifications, and sponsor profiles can help you drive greater engagement with sponsors to your event. The mobile event app also offers these features.

WebEx Events Mobile App Pricing

WebEx Events mobile app, formerly known as Socio, does not offer pricing information for public access. You can get a custom quote to know the current pricing.

However, customers that are already paying for the event platform will not get access to basic mobile app features such as Streaming/RTMP, Registration, Branded Event Apps, Lead Retrieval, Live Display, and Webex Events Communities. For these features, customers have to pay an additional cost.

Pros & Cons

WebEx Events mobile app is an excellent addition to the list of best apps for events. However, some of its significant features lacking are causing frustration among its users. While going through its key features, we found many customers unsatisfied and some satisfied with the app usage on the G2 platform. Therefore, before you book the mobile event for your next event, it is better to read what others have to say.


“Webex meetings have helped make it easy for teams to connect. Whether it is a big meeting or a small chat, Webex meetings can handle the task. Webex meetings make it easy to jump into a discussion without doing a bunch of work to set up an appointment and allow you to jump in from your phone or laptop to keep connected while on the go.” – Chris q.


“There are times when our company hosts large meetings intended to be attended or viewed by the whole company. In these instances, we find that Webex meetings take up a considerable amount of bandwidth and cause site performance issues, and the meeting suffers.” –Chris q.

“The thing I detest the most about Cisco is how diffcult it seems to use. Some functions are diffcult to grasp, and more customer support would be beneficial.” – jamal u.

“Need allow permission on browser, people or user maybe confused with it , they dont know , how to enable or make permint for configuration on browser.” – Solihul H.

4. Whova Mobile App

Whova is a all-in-one mobile event solution app. Whova has made it to our list of best apps for event for helping event organizers with managing event logistics. The platform offers a bunch of features for managing an engaging event including online registration and event marketing.

The Whova app offers some key features to enhance engagement in your event. The app has made it to our list of best apps for events as it aims to create an immersive experience for attendees.

Whova Mobile App Features

Whova offers features in its mobile event app that might be interesting to have at your event or conference. Following are some of the key features in the mobile event app.


With the agenda feature in the app, you can help your attendees track event schedules with keyword searches. Moreover, the features let you customize your event schedules by adding sessions you wish to attend


You can get hands on the statics report within the app and see how your attendees have responded to the event. Organizers can also go through likes, comments, and ratings.


Although a seamless navigation menu is what most attendees appreciate in an app., the Whova mobile event app offers directions through an app. The feature can help your attendees find GPS guidance—parking and shuttling information.


The offline information storage feature can automatically download and store basic information about events. It includes a plan, an attendees list, and more.This feature is great as it can help attendees in sorting out what they want to view. Moreover, attendee with interrupted signals during an event can also take leverage from this feature.

Whova Mobile App Pricing

Although Whova does not offer excessive pricing information, many customers on G2 have shown concerns with its pricing policies. Multiple users have complained about the required in-app purchases.

Some users have also stated their clients with small events, with less than 500 participants, might find overall cost inflexible. Customer believe that the platform has hidden fees and offers Zoom as a solution for webinars, which demands hundreds of dollars extra for an upgrade to webinars.

Pros & Cons

Unfortunately, pricing policies are not the only thing that has caused disturbances for Whova mobile event app users. Many users have found the app usage troublesome. Customers have written their complaints on G2.  Some have good to say about the platform as well.


“Such a convenient platform. Communities, agendas, members… all the things for the conference are here! Seperated within each independent event is also a crucial thing for later on.” – 한중혁 H.


“Some of the tech issues were bothersome in the beginning. As my district continued using the Whova platform for subsequent conference/Professional Learning Events, many initial problems were handled and managed.” – Nancy B.

“The interface feels a little outdated, and I couldn’t send notifications from my iPad or iPhone. I had to pull out my laptop if we needed to sent notifications on-site. I hope mobile app support of notifications is coming!” – Linden T.

“I could not figure out how to post photos related to my presentation, which would have been helpful. There was not an easy way to share documents for my presentation. I did it by posting in the comment section, but it would be nice to have a special document area. Being able to directly message participants in my presentation rather than “commenting” or adding a general poll would be helpful.” – Eve C.

5. Hopin Mobile App

Hopin is an all-in-one event management platform for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.  The platform enables administrators to host online meetings, summits, workshops, and other business events. The Hopin mobile app offers video networking, real-time participation, and accessibility. The app is available for download on iOS and Android.

However, before you consider the app as your next partner to run a successful event hear what the company has to say about the app. Hopin website article reads: “Please note the app only provides basic functionality at this time and it is aimed mainly at attendees, we strongly advise whenever possible to use a desktop or laptop computer to enjoy the full Hopin experience and functionality.” Therefore, it is important to not fully rely on the mobile app for managing and executing a successful event.

Hopin Mobile App Features

Have a look at Hopin offers some features for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

Engagement features

Hopin offers many engagement and networking features such as chat, Q&A, and integrations. These features are necessary to bring audience engagement to any event.


With Hopin mobile app in-person and online attendees can watch sessions and also join the conversation. It means that if your in-person attendees can not make it at time for live sessions then they can attend them through app on their way to the venue.

Interact and Engage

With features like polls, Q&A, and chat & videos attendees can engage during an event. Nevertheless, the app still has a long way to go to allow attendees leverage advanced networking capabilities. For example, with vFairs interacting and networking features like exchanging contact information through QR, attendees can continue networking with each other even after the event with-in the vFairs mobile app.

Moreover, even with limited engagement features like chat and video, the mobile app is lacking in providing high quality video conferencing features. Most users are suffering from clunky video qualities that sabotages the purpose of the video feature i.e interaction and engagement during the event.

Also the chat feature in the Hopin mobile app does not offer emojis option. So it is safe to say that you can not expect much of an ‘interaction’ in the chat option without easy conversation tools such as emojis.

Hopin Mobile App Pricing

If you want to book Hopin for your next event, you should remember that you can host an event for free with up to 100 registration. After that following is the pricing plan as per GetApp:

  • Starter – $99/month or $83.25/month (billed annually)
  • Growth – $799/month or $667/month (billed annually)
  • Business – Contact Hopin directly for pricing information.
  • Enterprise – Contact Hopin directly for pricing information.

Moreover, customers have shown concern about the platform pricing policies. One customer wrote that pricing is creeping up with the various updates.

Pros & Cons

Indeed, Hopin is not the only app in the list that has caused concerns among customers. On the G2, customers have had some bad experiences with the software and customer service. Here is what customers have to say about the mobile event app.


“design, ease of use, maybe you could offer a dark mode version? no need to create an account, easy login via magic link. Schedule – easy to organize your agenda. Could be nice to be able to add comments, attachment under each track”.-Lucile B.


“The app doesn’t offer a way to search for a specific delegate. The expo area doesn’t look great but I’m not sure what else you can do – perhaps a interactive floor plan for people onsite?” – Lucile B.

“An inconvenience was that we couldn’t upload a long HD video directly to hoping and that the auto-captions couldn’t be edited and adjusted.” – Agnes G.

“There is a significant learning curve for administrators setting up the platform for an event. We only had a monthly plan which didn’t come with a dedicated support team to guide us through set-up, and while we figured everything out on our own, there were quite a few trial and error moments.”- Nia G.

6. Hubilo Mobile App

Hubilo is another virtual and hybrid event platform that manages to drive higher engagement through its mobile event app. Hubilo mobile event app gives access to the industry’s most extensive engagement features, analytics, and more.

Hubilo Mobile App Features

Following are some of the Hubilo Mobile Event app features that help the engaging audience:


Build mobile app offers minimalistic navigation—the intuitive navigation powers attendees to browse the whole event and join sessions relevant to them. The ‘Happening Now’ button in the mobile event app also helps attendees identify which ongoing sessions are relevant to them and can click and join.

Smart Matchmaking

By now, we know how crucial networking is for an event. In the Hubilo mobile event app, the in-person and virtual attendees can interact through Meetings, Chat, and casual discussions in the Lounge.

Personalized Journeys

With the Hubilo mobile event app, attendees can get options to design their schedules. Attendees can attend relevant sessions and discussions on their calendars. The organizers can also segment both in-person and virtual audiences into groups to restrict the visibility of certain event sections to a limited set of people.

Hubilo Mobile App Pricing

For the large-scale enterprise event, Hubilo has not made the pricing transparent, and you have to contact the company to know about it.

For an advanced event setting, you have to pay $650/month for a limited audience, i.e., 1000 attendees. For the Pro setting, the organizers must again pay $1,300/month for an audience count limited to 2000.

On the other hand, in the enterprise event setting, the Pricing is not open for public knowledge. Still, it too puts restriction on the number of attendees, i.e., 4000.

Pros & Cons

Limited attendance is not the only thing that can make you think twice about opting for Hubilo mobile app as your next solution for your event. Here is what customers who used the app have to say about it on G2.


“The solution is flexible and can be configured based on the requirements of your events. We also like how the platform evolved and made it more suitable for online and face-to-face events. In addition, the platform provides options to do your online events; you can upload pre-recorded videos or do them live.” – Bryan S.


“We did have some Hubspot integration issues, but our support team was able to provide some workarounds. Not ideal, but we were able to work through it. We also missed a key feature that launched a few days before our event – the ability to schedule emails from the platform. Also, while the platform was easy to navigate for our attendees, there was very little customization on the front end of the platform.” – Justine S.

“It might have a significant impact on our platform if we could have the option to add Sponsor Tab and the ability to add any extra fields manually. Overall, the Hubilo platform is very user-friendly and easy to build up the event platform.” – Satish G.

“The quoting process can be a bit complicated to know exactly what features are needed until you begin to further construct the event. It would be great to simply add onto the duration of the features longer than the set event days as it could get costly to leave the platform open beyond the event days due to bandwidth costs that are needed for the Rooms and Lounge.” – Kyle K.

7. EventMobi Mobile App

Another addition to the list of best apps for events is the EventMobile mobile app. The EventMobi mobile app is a personalized mobile event app that focuses on networking, engagement, and event navigation. EventMobi’s mobile app leverages customization and integration features to allow planners to build unique virtual experiences.

Unfortunately, at this time, the virtual platform does not support more than 10k attendees, so it is not a good fit for any events that exceed that threshold.

EventMobi Mobile App Features

Like any other mobile event app, EventMobi promises to increase the engagement and ROI of events. Let’s see if the features of the mobile event app can replicate the same.


The interactive agenda features help organizers sort registrations by date and time or tracks. The organizers can create custom schedules for entire groups of attendees at a time with the agenda feature.


The networking feature is similar to most of the best apps for events in the list. The EventMobi mobile event app also helps attendees network through public and private chat options. The feature encourages attendees, speakers, and exhibitors to share their personal information. If attendees want to connect, they have to make an effort to send requests for a meeting to others.


The interactive map features allow your attendees to locate the event’s destination quickly. You can think of this feature as your personal Google Maps. It is one way to make sure no attendees are left behind.

Live Chat and Q&A

The event program apps help with networking features like chat options that let attendees communicate during the sessions. Your remote and on-site attendees can share thoughts in real-time in a hybrid conference setting.

Event Mobi App Pricing

EventMobi mobile event app offers Event App and Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform Pricing starting from $3500 for a single event. Moreover, registration, website & ticketing platform starts from $2,500/event.

You can also fill out a form to get a quote for your event based on your requirements.

Pros & Cons

Even with many interactive features, EventMobi is not entirely satisfying customers with its product performance. Here are some reviews and concerns from the customers placed on G2.


“The customer service is second to none. I had a few custom changes that needed to be made and the EventMobi support team took the time to understand the changes needed and had them completed within a few minutes.” – Robert H.


“The system isn’t challenging to use; it just gets a bit monotonous entering the data, especially when there is a lot of it that needs to be entered. We brought these pain points to our rep’s attention, and they mentioned that they were already working on solutions to fix these issues.” –Kim T.

“Time lags in live, embedded videos would have been problematic, so we could not use the platform itself for the presentations but instead had to go through Zoom. It was more or less seamless, so it’s not a complaint, just an observation.” – Verified User 

“We would like to see more advanced features for access controls for certain sessions. However, we are aware they are working every day to advance their software.” – Emily S.

8. Airmeet Mobile App

Airmeet mobile app is a product from Airmeet platform that aims to unlock endless possibilities for the connected attendee. The app also focuses on driving attendance rates and keeping the event engaged.

Features of the Airmeet Mobile App

Following are some of the critical features of the Airmeet mobile app:


Organizers can add security later sign SS0 (single sign-on) event access within the app. Although more event apps offer a lot more regarding the safety of the event, such as the vFairs mobile app, the SSO login feature from Airmeet is also worth considering.


Similar to the engagement feature offered by other best apps for events above, Airmeet mobile event app also empowers engagement and interaction throughout the event. Features like live chat, raise-hand, and Q&A sessions help make the event engaging and interactive.

While these were some key features in the app, the existing mobile app’s beneficial features are yet to debut on the Airmeet mobile event app. For example. The Airmeet mobile app does not offer options to add visibility to exhibitors.

The spotlight of sponsors’ features is yet to appear on the mobile app. Similarly, the private messaging options, which are pretty standard among other best apps for events, aren’t yet available on the Airmeet mobile event app.

Airmeet Mobile App Pricing

Although to book the Airmeet platform, their official website offers pricing details along with attendee limits. However, you must contact the team for Airmeet mobile event pricing info and details.

Moreover, only enterprises can access white-labeled mobile apps and websites in return for the custom quote.

Pros & Cons

Apart from having attendee restrictions, here are some more concerns from customers on G2 regarding Airmeeet. Also, some good reviews as well were part of G2 review section for the platform.


“Airmeet is a wonderful platform to host large-scale digital events. The feature I appreciate the most is the lobby, where people have the chance to join different tables and network.” – Emily C.


“We had some difficulty on the backend, where hosts were kicked off the account if we had too many people logging in at once. Another issue we had was that we could only highlight two speakers at a time, so we had to toggle people on and off during a live event, which was rather stressful as we were on a schedule.” – Emily C.

“The flexibility of designing the lobby could have been a little better compared to other players in the place i found that part lacks a bit in terms of customization, hence if that bit can be improved, nobody can beat Airmeet.” – Rabijit D.

“I dislike the amount of times it doesn’t connect. Once it connects, everything is fine but if it doesn’t, it ends up taking so much time,

If this could be improved, it would be one of the best platforms.” – Soumya Ranjan M.

9. 6Connex Mobile App

The 6Connex mobile event app manages the event, engages attendees, and tracks real-time data. The event management software offers multiple features for virtual venues and in-person events.

6Connex Mobile App Features

Following are the key features of the 6Connex event mobile app that might help you in deciding whether or not you want to book the app for your next event:

Eventory Scanner

The eventory scanner allows the feature host to collect leads and track real-time updates.

Eventory Check-In

With eventory check-in, event managers can manage event check-in, registration information, and QR code scanning.

Eventory Operator

To help event planners and organizers quickly access event information, the 6Connex mobile event app offers eventory operators. It also provides an events management dashboard.

6Connex Mobile App Pricing

6Connex does not offer stand-alone pricing for the 6Connex mobile event app. However, the following are the platforms packages that offer In-person event apps. Have a look.

  • Launch Inventory: This package includes in-person event apps for $3,000.
  • Launch Immersive: This package includes in-person vent apps for $12,500.
  • Rise: For pricing detail of this package, you have to contact the team.
  • Soar: For pricing detail of this package, you have to contact the team.

Pros & Cons

6Connex is a web-and virtual platform that also offers a mobile event app. Even though the features offered by the app are suitable to support in-person events but customers that have used the product have following to say on G2.


“I appreciate the customer service of our project manager. She was highly engaged and always willing to think creatively to find a solution.” – Nicole C.


“The control panel has lots of “buttons and levers” that makes it highly customizable but it also makes it very tedious and repetitive on the back end. For example, you cannot default the timezone or the date of the event.” –Nicole C.

“not customize.I can’t edit it the way I want. It is very simple to use but very old in appearance. It needs to look much more modern. I want to customize it for my company. – Verified User 

“The back end of the system is a bit bulky with multiple layers, but once you navigate a bit and get familiar, it is intuitive. It can be a lot to absorb initially for new users.” – Scott C.

10. SwapCard Mobile App

The SwapCard is an event management software that also offers a mobile app to its user. According to the official site, the mobile app features allow the attendee to focus on networking, learning, and knowledge sharing.

SwapCard Mobile App Features

Following are some of the features that the brand mobile app offers.

White Label Solution 

The white label solution helps with building a community around your branded event app. The feature also helps the audience discover events and registration from their phone.

Interactive Features

The SwapCard mobile event app also offers polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions to keep the audience engaged. Also, the app provides push notifications to alert the audience about the sessions.

Content Updating Feature

The mobile app helps in updating content and creating instant reports. Also, you can access real-time data for all your sessions.

SwapCard Mobile App Pricing

For the pricing details, customers have to contact swap cards. However, the company offers packages of three kinds. Following are details for the pricing packages:

One is a free package restricted to 250 attendees and also comes with restrictions. Then comes the starter package for mid-size business events and the enterprise package for enterprises. You’ve to inquire further whether these packages offer a mobile event app as a solution or not.

Pros & Cons

Founded in 2013, SwapCard runs in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. However, even with so much time worldwide, the platform could not completely satisfy its customers. Following are some of the customers’ concerns regarding the platform on G2.


“Users can navigate public content quickly; we can build the experience by tailoring it to the event activities and schedule. In our case, we have a massive and complex program, and we can map it to swapcard in a way its easy to navigate.” –Eduardo C.


“The onboarding experience for users could be better; having single sign-on with google auth improves it, but you need to build it outside and hook it up via saml. Also, the back office gets a bit slow, and you need a lot of clicks to edit sessions when the number goes over 100. Adoption of the app for in-person users requires a lot of communication, is not something that naturally happens by going to the event site.”  –Eduardo C.

“Each time I asked a question (in the same tícket) a new consultant performed my service which resulted in having to explain several times my problem and have several interpretations on the same subject. My suggestion is that the same attendant is responsible for the answers of the same tícket because it is almost impossible in just one email to receive the resolution of a problem.” – Luciene B.

“It was not as simple as I hoped to share documents, but there were a number of workarounds that the support team provided, which did meet our needs. I would love to see a “documents” option for the content display buttons.” – Verified User


What Is a Mobile Application Event?

A mobile event app is a planning and management solution. The mobile event app aims to engage the experience of both attendees and event planners.

How Can Mobile Apps Improve Events?

A mobile event app allows attendees to leverage integrated networking. The mobile event app also will enable attendees to use features with0 within the app to build relations and interact with one another before, during, and after the event.

Do Mobile Apps Increase Customer Engagement?

A mobile event app can make your products and services more accessible to the audience and drive brand loyalty. It is what one reason why customers are turning to mobile apps to increase customer engagement.

What Do Event Apps Cost?

It depends on the mobile app company you want to partner with. Most mobile event app companies offer customizable pricing based on event requirements.

What Is the Best App for Events?

There are several factors to consider before you choose the best app for events. Based on wide-ranging features, additional security options, customer reviews, and complete attendee registrations vFairs mobile app is outstanding for the mobile event apps in 2023.

10 Best Apps for Events in 2023


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